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This unique workbook for students and mid-career professionals helps you explore how you can turn a love of food, nutrition and health into an exciting career.

Now in its 3rd edition, this popular resource will lead you through a 4 step process assessing what your interests, skills and abilities are beyond the obvious, understanding the wide range of career options available to you, and finally, establishing very concrete goals and plans.

You will reflect on how past experiences influence your future, and what work values are most and least important.

You will create options by studying the unique chart that demonstrates how broadly food, nutrition and health reach into other sectors, and discover the multitude of options for education and training.

You will be very organized as you go into the last section, where you will do research and make important decisions. An extensive resource list identifies great places to do further exploration.

Along the way you will record your thoughts and ideas in worksheets and have a very graphic summary of what you’ve learned. It is never too early or too late to go through this essential process!

“This book is invaluable for everyone who is exploring careers in nutrition as well as for everyone who is already in the field. It opens up so many options. In addition, it is wise and thought provoking.”
Dr. Isobel Contento, Professor of Nutrition and Education, Department of Health and Behavior Studies, Teachers College, Columbia University.
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